Jobs: Graphics & infrastructure positions at Google in Chapel Hill

Seems they do the graphics in Android and Chrome. Via our former faculty member David McAllister.
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Date: June 8, 2012 9:55:34 AM EDT
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Subject: [CS-Alumni] Jobs: Graphics & infrastructure positions at Google

Since we're all posting positions: Google would really, really like to hire several more people to do low-level graphics work in our Chapel Hill office, or to help with build/performance/tools infrastructure to support the team here. Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, OpenGL, DirectX all welcome. We're still looking for a good computational geometer and an assembly-language (SSE / Neon) hacker.

We may not be the "minutes from the beach" that Z can advertise, but we're minutes from your alma mater and the Southern Part of Heaven. Most of the pixels drawn by Chrome and Android are drawn by our code, which means your RGBs show up in front of a plurality of web & smartphone users in the world.