Here are some of the best from our latest projects.

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Neill Robson

Fractals are mathematical structures that are: a) infinitely detailed, and b) self-similar to some extent on multiple levels of detail. From a graphical perspective, they usually cannot be rendered accurately with primitive polygons: most modern techniques implement direct interpolation on the fragment shader. This project attempts to use realistic lighting to make an imaginary mathematical structure &mdash namely, the Mandelbulb &mdash look as realistic as possible.

Peter Holton

A WebGL implementation of real time frame interpolation designed to work with video games.

Colin Moore, Stuart Hunt & Johnny Rockett

Infinite terrain, randomly generated using the Diamond-square fractal terrain algorithm, with biomes randomly generated using Perlin noise!

Trevor Redding & Kelly Fleming

A lava simulation inspired by StarFox 64's Solar level. Above the lava waves, ships fly around using Boids Flocking algorithm, along with some extra behavior like lava avoidance, moving to stay in boundaries, and avoiding the mothership. The ships can be commanded using various buttons, and some graphical effects can also be toggled/controlled.

Abhijeet Krishnan

A procedural terrain generator which uses Perlin noise to create and colour a landscape.