Find: The makers of Heavy Rain show off their stunning new technology

The next challenge of graphics is displaying emotion. 

This stuff looks better than gollum and it runs interactively. 

Of course it's not interactive....

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The Casting

Heavy Rain started as a tech demo that in 2006 blew gamers away. Today developers Quantic Dreams showed off their new demo, the results of a new PS3 game engine and new capture technology not yet tied to a specific game.

It is not, Quantic Dreams David Cage promises, their new game. But it's obvious that the tech will most certainly show up in the next thing the studio makes for the PS3.

The video came during Cage's "Technologies to Support Emotion" GDC talk. The talk centered around how virtual actors and performance capture can trigger emotions in games.

Cage is the head of game studio Quantic Dream which is responsible for a number of narratively-deep video games including Fahrenheit and 2010's Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3.