Find: NVIDIA Kepler Line-up Leaked

45% faster than the amd 7970. 

NVidia’s next hardware revision is code-named “Kepler”, but more than that is largely a mystery.  One site claims to have gotten a copy of some Kepler specs, and if they’re true it’s pretty impressive.

As the leaked chart shown, die size of GK110 is 550mm², which is not only bigger than 365mm² of Radeon HD 7970, but also 30mm² larger than its GF110. It’s said that GK110-based GeForce GTX 680 will be up to 45% faster than AMD Radeon HD 7970. As for the price, GTX 680 is set at US$649, US$100 higher than HD 7970.

Expected to drop in April & May, they’re showing numbers around 45% over Radeons HD7970 for $650.  Of course, without public confirmation it’s anybody’s guess.

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