Readings: on collision detection (updated)

Hey folks,

Our readings for Thursday. Please read these and post reactions by end Thursday (normally reactions will be due a full day before we discuss). Reactions should be less than half a page, a couple paragraphs on each reading at most. They should not summarize, but instead describe any confusion, questions, or thoughts that result. We will all the discuss the readings together this week, in the future I will assign one student to lead the discussion.
I've attached other material as I often will, but you aren't required to read and react to these. 
    Other references: N. Bobic. Advanced collision detection techniques.Gamasutra, March 30, 2000. S. Le Grand. 2007. Broad-phase collision detection with CUDAGPU Gems 3 Our wiki entry on collision detection.

    Demos: D. Christopoulos. Collision detection and physically based modelling. On Jeff Molofee's NeHe site.

    Updated: we referenced the Real Time Rendering collision page, and my own collision notes. Also, I've attached my drawings from the board below.