Find: We <3 voxels: why Voxatron is an exciting indie shooter

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We <3 voxels: why Voxatron is an exciting indie shooter

A voxel is a volumetric pixel, sort of a defined point, but with volume. They're not something you see in gaming much anymore, although the Delta Force series used a voxel-based engine to great effect. Joseph White of Lexaloffle games decided it was just about time to bring voxels to the world of arena-style shooters. Imagine a 3D, low-fi Smash TV.

The video of Voxatron in action made waves around the Internet, due to the striking visual style. "If anything I think having retro visuals removes expectations in a good way," White told Ars. "If there is no literal interpretation of the game world, you're more free to design things without worrying about agreeing with thematic constraints." This is why we're excited about voxels all over again. At least in this case.

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