Find: Will VR make flat panels obsolete? Oculus’ founder gives it 20 years


Like many engineers, Luckey talks about hardware costs and ignores human experience. Such as: 

• vr leashes us. Video and power cords tether and trip us. 
• vr isolates us. Opaque screens keep us from easily interacting with our friends and colleagues. 
• vr disembodies us. The same screens prevent us from seeing ourselves, and what we can see is temporally disconnected from us. 
• vr humiliates us. We are restrained, masked, clumsy, and silly looking. Dependent on others. 

Overcoming these experiential difficulties is vr's real challenge. Wall displays don't have these challenges: viewers are not tethered, can see one another, themselves, and their behavior and appearance is largely unchanged. I expect wall costs will lower long before vr experience improves significantly.