Find: .biz - 'Infinity Blade 2' is a hit | blogs

Cary-based Epic Games reports that the second installment of its "Infinity Blade" game is selling three times faster than the original.

Epic announced today that the "Infinity Blade" franchise to date has generated more than $30 million in sales, including more than $5 million for "Infinity Blade 2" since it was launched Dec. 1. By contrast, it took the original "Infinity Blade" three months to hit the $5 million mark.

That's blockbuster status in the realm of games targeted for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. "Infinity Blade 2" can be downloaded for $6.99 from the App Store.

"Infinity Blade 2" also has won accolades from many reviewers.

Sweet, local crew makes still better. Hits on mobile aren't big money makers yet, are they?