Find: Wolfenstein gets ray traced - now with more horsepower and new effects!

Interactive -- with 8 cards. 

Wolfenstein gets ray traced - now with more horsepower and new effects!

Another IDF has started and we are excited to show our latest progress. Since previous demos we enhanced our cloud-based setup that was using four Knights Ferry cards as the (Intel MIC) as the "cloud" to now run Wolfenstein: Ray Traced at even eight cards in a single machine. In order to utilize the huge amount of horse power we are now running our demo for the first time in 1080p.


As additional eye-candy we included several post processing special effects (thanks to Ben Segovia). Just to clarify: those are not specific to ray tracing and have been seen in some games already. They are operating on the pixels of the rendered image (not on the 3D scene) - in our case directly on the Knights Ferry card. They can improve the perception of the rendered scene dramatically.

  • Depth of Field: The effect is well known to photographers. If we want the spectator to focus on a certain area in the picture then the less relevant parts can be blurred. Therefore the object of interest is still sharp and will attract the main attention.



    Depth of field on/off (3% performance difference)

  • HDR Bloom: If in reality we leave from a dark room into the bright outside our eyes are adjusting over a few seconds to the new brightness. The same can also be observed with digital (video) cameras that mimic this behavior and adjust the brightness spectrum to a pleasantly looking image. While doing this cameras might produce a bloom that can also "bleed" into other objects.


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