Course: our next CG for engines class

CSC 591
Advanced Computer Graphics for Game Engines

The realism race in interactive graphics continues apace. How do the designers and engineers at gaming companies such as Epic and EA create such amazing visual simulations? Take this course to find out how, and to prepare yourself for working with and extending their technology, whether in the gaming industry itself, or in any of the many new fields in which it is being applied.

Ben Watson, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Content and structure:
This course is an introduction to advanced graphics techniques used in computer game engines. Students will learn about game engines, spatial hierarchy, collision detection, physics, animation, lighting and shader programming. Guest experts from the RTP gaming community, including companies such as Epic Games and Sparkplug Games, will provide real world context.

This is a mixed format course that includes lectures, readings, student presentations, lab work and a significant programming project that occupies roughly half of the semester. The course will meet twice a week. The first day each week will be dedicated to lecture, while the second will be a reading, discussion and lab day: student presentation and discussion of readings, of current assignment or project state, and bootstrapping lab work.

562 (introductory graphics) or equivalent

Spring 2012, MoWe 1250 to 205p