Lecture: more on shadows (updated again)

Hey folks,

More on shadows today. I've updated my notes, they are available here.

If you are interested in the pictures from the Real Time Rendering book we are using in class, they are available here.

Updated: we talked about shadow maps and shadow volumes. We looked at these specific pictures.

Updated again: here are some shadow demos:
  • This demo from GameDev.net compares PCF shadows, variance shadow maps, and an improved version of variance shadow maps.
  • This demo from GameDev.net shows shadow volumes.
  • This Nehe demo also shows shadow volumes.
  • Mark Kilgard's shadow volume demo includes code, but is not executable.
  • Here is a simple shadow mapping demo.
  • Nvidia's shadow volume demo from 04.
  • This page contains several Nvidia shadow demos, including PCF and shadow volumes.